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Top-Up Solutions Trading and Projects (TUSTP) offers business professional IT advisory support service to all enterprise governing structures or committees.

TUSTP complement the professional advisory services with quality and interoperable innovative business solutions and services coupled with integration and change management. TUSTP exists to contribute to socio-economic services and solutions that are environmental friendly and to contribute to local critical skills development. Read more...


  • Our vision is to be the best IT innovator and advisory support services provider in Africa.

Core Values







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  • Top-Up Solutions Trading and Projects aims to empower its clients with quality, affordable, innovative and professional IT advisory support services. We also provide our clients with customer centric innovative business solutions and services.


  • Identify, develop and increase necessary IT and business expertise
  • Ensure end-to-end quality of service in our offerings
  • Deliver innovative and professional IT advisory support services.
  • Prioritize Local economic development.
  • Ensure customer centric innovative business solutions and services.
  • Exploit opportunities as they become available..

Our Offerings

TUSTP is cognizant that IT trends has transformed the way corporates does business. This has introduced new technologies, expertise and complexities in the way corporates service clients and it poses challenges in their

competitiveness. In light of the above TUSTP felt its critical to offer our clients with professional and innovative IT advisory support services to guarantee returns on IT investments and ensure that IT effectively support the business.

This offering can be used to complement any enterprise governing structure that requires independent IT advisory support service.We also offer customer centric innovative business solutions...Read more...


All products can be switched on/off/open/close on schedules or adhoc remote control. All can cause alerts and triggers for action.